Congratulations to the CACHC on the confirmation of funding for community based health services

CACHC applauds NDP announcement on community health services
September 14, 2015 (Vancouver) — The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres (CACHC) welcomes today’s announcement by the federal NDP of its commitment to invest in new community health centres, mobile health clinics and diverse healthcare providers if elected to form Canada’s next government.
The announcement was made this morning by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair during a campaign stop at Vancouver’s Mid-Main Community Health Centre. Mulcair announced his party’s commitment to invest $300 million to help build 200 community health and mobile rural clinics across Canada; help provinces hire over 7,000 doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and other health care professionals; and maximize access to health services by targeting communities and neighbourhoods that are facing doctor shortages.”
CACHC’s Chair, Dr. Jane Moloney, applauded the commitment: “Investments in community health centres and mobile health clinics across the country will dramatically improve healthcare for Canadians, as well as the overall health of individuals, families and communities, We are pleased to see the NDP commit to this innovative model and promise funding for healthcare professionals. Canada has a strong public healthcare system and these investments would make it even stronger by delivering innovative, team-based care and services, at the right time, and the right place.”

Today’s commitment is being met with strong support at the frontlines of the health system as well.

Irene Clarence, Executive Director of Mid-Main Community Health Centre, site of the announcement, stated: “We are pleased to see the NDP recognize and commit to investing in this innovative model of health care delivery. Team based care, involving Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and other Allied Health Professionals is key to Canada maintaining a strong public healthcare system. Investment now in a more cost-effective, sustainable model of care will help our country meet the many challenges ahead, including that of caring for an aging population.”

This latest announcement of support for Community Health Centres comes at a pivotal time as leaders from across Canada gather in Ottawa this week for a major national and international conference focused on tackling some of the biggest questions in healthcare, including the critical role of Community Health Centres.

“We’re very encouraged to see the NDP put specific details to its previously stated commitment to community-based frontline care,” noted CACHC’s Executive Director, Scott Wolfe. “As we gather in Ottawa this week to discuss how to improve the federal role in healthcare, this is precisely the sort of commitment that we are looking for from all political parties. The innovative, cost-effective services delivered by Community Health Centres must be embraced across political party lines as part of a core federal strategy to improve access to care, to improve health outcomes, and to build strong, stable communities across the country.”
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