Resources from HCCFC members and colleagues

  • Hans Kai – How We did it – Learn all about the Hans Kai program and how Nor’West Co-op Community Health has put it into practice.
  • Nurse Practitioners in Canada – This document covers statistics on nurse practitioners and provincial legislation related to nurse practitioners.


English Language Resources and Research Papers

A new, person-focused, study of success factors in self-management of diabetes: Living Well with Diabetes.

Click on the country of  interest to find  the information in  Better Health & Social Care in this smart map.

Major study by Canadian Jean-Pierre Girard into the contribution co-operatives make in 43 countries to well-being, health and social services. Healthcare.    or

Canadian Co-operative Association (2011). Co-operatives: Building blocks for an innovative economy.

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (2012). Evidence synthesis for the effectiveness of interprofessional teams in primary care. Ottawa: Author.

Canadian Institute for Healthcare Information (2014). National health expenditure trends, 1975-2014. Ottawa, ON: Author.

Canadian Institutes for Health Research (2012). Guide to knowledge translation planning at CIHR: Integrated and end-of-grant approaches. Ottawa: Author.

Etmanski, C., Hall, B., & Dawson, T. (2014). Learning and teaching community-based research: Linking pedagogy to practice. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Health Canada (2015). Unleashing innovation: Excellent healthcare for Canada: Report of the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation. Ottawa: Author.

Health Council of Canada (2013). Progress report 2013: Health care renewal in Canada. Ottawa, ON: Author.

Marmot, M., Friel, S., Bell, R., Houweling, T., & Taylor, S. (2008). Closing the gap in a generation: Health equity through action on the social determinants of health. Lancet, 372(9650), 1661-1669.

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World Health Organization (2015). Health in 2015: From MDGs, Millenium Development Goals to SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals. Geneva: Author.  Issue: BCMJ, Vol. 49, No. 3, April 2007, page(s) 139-142 MDs To Be  Lee MacKay, BSc  Health Care Co-operatives in Canada August 2004 Trent Craddock, Naila Vayid  Opportunities for co-operative health provision in rural, remote and northern aboriginal communities.  Shannon Rohan, Government Affairs and public policy committee Canadian Co-op Association 2003

French Language Resources

How Health Co-ops Facilitate Access to Services

Guide de démarrage de coopératives dans le secteur de la santé.

Collection Outils Co-op – Coopérative de solidarité

Best Practice from France- 2014 Co-op Summit- Notes

Best Practice from France- 2014 Co-op Summit- Slides

Other Language Resources

Iturrioz del Campo, Javier. “Las cooperativas del sector de la salud: evolución, situación actual y perspectivas de futuro” in Libro 40 Años de Historia de Las Empresas De Participación. Ed. Gustavo Lejarriaga Pérez De Las Vacassonia Martín Lópezalfredo Muñoz García. Escuela de Estudios Cooperativos de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Madrid: Verbum. 2013. 257-276. 

Co-operative Federation from Italy-  2014 Co-op Summit- Slides

Best Practices from Argentina-  2014 Co-op Summit- Slides