Join Us!

The HCCFC is a dedicated and passionate fellowship of social service, health and wellness across the Canada.   We are our own greatest resource.  If you have a question about health co-ops, just ask us!  We love to share our knowledge, our enthusiasm.  As an HCCFC member you have access to caring and experienced individuals and organizations across the country, sharing ideas and knowledge so you can support the optimal wellness of your members and communities.

Our Federation is committed to supporting and promoting our sector across Canada.  As a member you will be part of this strong network.

We encourage you to contact us with questions or fill out our application form and send it to our Secretary/Treasurer whose address is on the form.

Benefits to date:

  • Our network of co-ops in our sector across the country that enables informal but effective sharing of information and ideas.
  • Greater recognition in and beyond our communities and sector of the full range of our achievements and capacity in social service, wellness and health
  • Annual Learning Exchanges at which we can learn about and adopt Best Practices and Best Programs from our colleagues.
  • A voice that is gaining recognition among federal politicians of the ability of our members to address the health, wellness and social services needs of Canadians in a manner than ensures effective, efficient and equitable care.
  • A nice discount from Staples for the printing and copying word of all members – just email  for the number.

Please email for the current rate and dues schedule.