Preparing for the Global Co-op Summit and the Geneva Health Forum

Over the next two weeks, the HCCFC will take a very active role with the International Health Co-op Organization in preparing for the Health Co-op satellite event Oct 6th, Quebec and then in the Geneva Health Forum.  With the IHCO, our focus is on our “Best Practices – Best Programs Learning Exchange.”  Health co-ops from across Canada and around the world will make brief presentations on one Best Practice or Best Program, and invite participants to visit their display and learn more.

If you would like to make a brief presentation focusing on one outstanding aspect of your health co-op, please email me, Vanessa Hammond, at my “on-the-road” email, and plan to have a small display at which to have in-depth conversations with other co-operators.

In Geneva we will be discussing how health co-ops generate and demonstrate innovation in what we do and how we do it.   Much of this is based on meeting challenges in our communities and in our own operations.  Invitation:  send me a note about the challenges you have faced, face now, and how you have overcome them, or how you feel we could work together to strengthen our health co-ops and our services to our communities.