The International Labour Organization needs your input about care co-ops.

Please add your thoughts to this interesting research on care co-ops by Lenore Mathew and Satoko Horiuchi, whom I know from her excellent work with the Japanese Consumer Co-op Organization. 

They are asking:

Thinking about cooperatives in general, how does participating in cooperatives affect women’s time and how much time they spend with their own families?

Aside from the cooperatives that specifically provide care, do you know of any examples of other types of cooperatives [e.g. agricultural or housing coops] that provide care services to their members or workers [such as day care, child care, etc.?

Please send responses to Satoko Horiuchi (copy to me if possible) at or by mail or phone to:

Cooperatives Unit
Enterprises Department
ILO Geneva
Route des Morillons 4
CH-1211 Geneva
TEL: +41 22 799 89 27

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